My Journey

Documentation of the journey from being a Soldier to a full time Photographer. Excited to share with you.

3/9/20231 min read

My Story thus far:

I am a full time Military Policeman and soldier, but Photography and capturing moments in people's lives forever is what I'm meant for. I started out thinking i wanted to join special operations and didn't make the cut. I always told myself the last thing id want to be on this earth is a policeman. Funny enough that's exactly where I landed in life. Thanks, universe, for the irony. Seriously though all jokes aside I'm extremely grateful for my experience as a police officer and a soldier. It was exactly where i needed to be to become the person I am meant to be. i found photography through a goof friend that I do MMA with. when my friend introduced me, I should've known then that it was meant for me, but as my friends will say I'm very hardheaded. It makes me lovable though. i just absorbed every ounce of knowledge he poured into my soul about photography. at the time i thought I wanted to model and started off by taking pictures of myself with a tripod and my iPhone, using the techniques my friend taught me of course. I then started to fall in love with the process of taking pictures and the different idiosyncrasies of it all. after going to a modeling company and that falling through I didn't give up hope. So, I went to Austin TX in order to really find out about the modeling thing. I went to Austin and then surely instead of taking pics of myself i started to take pictures of the city and i become obsessed with the beauty of our world and its people. fast forward some time and now I'm still completely obsessed with looking at the world through the eye of the Lense. just more experienced and still extremely hardheaded.